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Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator 5.10.0 Service Pack 1 Update 3 fixes Update and LDAP bugs

Posted by admin on 04.06.2024



FILE: ePO_5.10.0_SP1_UP3_1634, 460MB


Finally the LAP Sync bug and the rollback (WMI) bug was fixed. There seems to be some truncate or shorten engineering force. We can understand that they want to prevent Buffer Overflow but the issue here with the LDAP client names shorten and then the issue with the TIE/DXL appliance where you it did truncate a too long password?

Mcafee/Trellix EPO 5.10.0 Service Pack Repost 1, 4098, fails to install and rollback –


I did not have the time to find out if the FRESH install with SQL 2022 Express bug is still there so take care.

Trellix EPO 5.10 base install or upgrade fail Rollback with SQL 2022 Express –


OPEN Bugs in EPO 5.10 SP1 UPD3, 04.06.2024


We still have a BUG with the EXPLOIT Prevention Module and Creating Exclusion with EDGE Chromium, Chrome, Firefox we can’t generate a new one with each customer DE/EN, SRV 2016,2019, 2022 no matter what Browser.



Can select the POLICY


ePolicy Orchestrator 5.10.0 Service Pack 1 Update 3

Update 19

EPO-12394 – After applying SP1 Update 3 (Build- for ePO 5.10, client machines unexpectedly deleted from the System Tree. This is resolved.

EPO-11891 – ePolicy Orchestrator 5.10.0 uses a hardcoded encryption key that can be leveraged to escalate privileges. This has been resolved.

SAG-80 – ePO Insecure direct object references cause privilege escalation. This has been resolved.

EPO-12376 – Export of multiple queries is no longer possible. This is resolved now.

EPO-11444 – SSO users are getting logged out from ePO Console. This has been resolved.

EPO-12058 – ePO was not able to be added to existing Handler Groups or New AH groups. This has been resolved.

EPO-12156 – Pull task failure due to Master Repository update task failing Authentication issue. This has been resolved.

EPO-12035 – Resolves the issue where the Active Directory synchronization task was erroneously deleting the encrypted devices from the System Tree.

EPO-12157 – Resolves the issue where the queries with product filters do not function correctly when applying conditions such as Value is blank and Value is not blank.

EPU-577 – Repair operation of ePO 5.10 SP1 no longer fails during the upgrade process.

EPO-12172 – Hebrew characters are now displayed without any issues in the threat target file path when exporting query results to PDF.

EPO-6280 – After upgrading to ePO 5.10.0, the new certificate in the Certificate Manager was incorrectly named with the active node instead of the ePO Cluster. This issue has now been resolved.

EPO-12207 – The Orion rollover was deleted without backing up and has been resolved.

EPO-9597 – The scheduled AD sync tasks were failing, while the same task completed successfully when executed manually. This issue has been resolved.

EPO-12176 – Push Agent configuration under AD synchronization can now be saved without encountering any issues.

EPO-10852 – In Automation, users are now able to edit and save the Issues page successfully.

EPO-12114 – Resolves the login page issues encountered when configuring the Identity Provider and Cloud Bridge.

EPO-10834 – The limitation where ePO AD Sync only matched on the first 15 characters of the machine AD name has been resolved.

EPO-12169 – Resolves an error while saving the default refresh interval for the dashboard monitor from server settings.

EPO-11231 – The issue with the Product Deployment command line not transferring to client tasks has been resolved.

EPO-10544 – Threat events get purged without any issues.

EPO-11244 – The Actions and other buttons will not be disabled when clicking Apply.

EPO-9349 – When a package didn’t exist in the main repository, it would auto-select a random package instead of showing an error message. This issue has been resolved.

EPO-11706 – The description of IP Address – Matches Subnet Mask in the Tag criteria has been corrected.

EPO-11254 – Only clients with the precise version (e.g. ENS 10.7.1234) are now labeled as “Installation successful”.

EPO-11120 – The approval page loads promptly without any delay.

EPO-11561 – The Main Repository allows packages to be checked in without any issues.

EPO-11569 – Resolves an issue where the System Tree group filter in Queries is replaced with MyOrg if the group is deleted from the System Tree.



 Category published:  ENS | Endpoint Security EPO | ePolicy Orchestrator Mcafee/Trellix   Click on the Category button to get more articles regarding that product.