2018 McAfee Agent, Framework, EPO Firewall Ports

by butsch 3. July 2018 14:05

It's improtant to understand that the McAfee Agent itself DOES OPEN all needed OS Windows Firewall Ports for you automatic. You can see those under "macmnsvc".


But it's Important to keep track of physical Firewall Ports and if you separate Clients or Server from the EPO with a Perimeter Firewall or VLAN-Firewall.

McAfee Agent:

This is the Software which does manage all McAfee Products on a Client (Just some Deployment and manage Service called McAfee Agent Framework)



Mcafee EPO-Server:


Assuming you have a local McAfee EPO Server 5.X with a local SQL Express or Full Version on the EPO itself.


Why local?


Because in an outbreak scenario the network may get flooded with packets it's recommanded you

keep the DB local where the EPO Server runs. If Malware attacks your SQL DB Servers and the McAfee

Should protect it this is an "Chicken-egg-story". By the way McAfee has special DB protection

Software for DB Servers you can't patch.





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