Exchange Powershell Read ALL attributes of Array Get-SendConnector

by butsch 24. May 2011 20:16

The regular command does not show ALL fields in an Array. As example here a send Connector from Exchange 2007:

[PS] C:\>Get-SendConnector | fl AddressSpaces

AddressSpaces : {SMTP:*;100}

AddressSpaces : {;1,;1,;1,;1,;1, SMTP:
      ;1,;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP
                :*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*;1, SMTP:*

[PS] C:\>(Get-SendConnector -Identity 06_HIN_Gateway).AddressSpaces |ft -Autosize > c:\hin_ost_Basel.csv


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