Fortigate Fortimail 100/100C large amount of SPAM in Queue

by newuser09876 20. August 2014 00:04



Customer has made a fault in configuration of Relay Options (Subnet). You are unable to manage it with GUI.

  • You can't see them in GUI or it takes endless because there are some many
  • You can delete by Age but not more
  • If you can delete by Subject and you have Foreign spam (Asian Chars) you can't delete the special chars like "??????" in Subject.


  • Open SSH on the Interface
  • Connect to the Fortimail with SSH

Use Putty or any other SSH tool to connect to Fortimail with SSH.


execute maintain mailqueue clear age 1d

We had a 100C where this did run 3+ hrs. Finall solution was:

# execute cleanqueue
This operation will remove all email files in queue.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y



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