HP biosconfigutility.exe and password in BIOS options, error 10

by butsch 22. April 2013 16:24
HP this is absolue confusing! Not all syntax provided in the "Biosconfigutlity.exe" seem to work in a certain order!

Here is the correct syntax and a working example under Windows PE 3.X 32BIT boot media:

Biosconfigutlity.exe /cspwd:"youroldbiospassword" /cspws:"yournewbiospassword"

And an example to renew the existing BIOS password and write new BIOS Setting in one command:

BiosConfigUtility.exe /cspwd:"youroldbiospassword" /nspwd:"yournewbiospassword" /set:"%cd:~0,3%bios\6300\settings\6300.txt"

  • %cd:~0,3% = Current Drive letter your batch is on
  • bios\6300\settings\6300.txt (The config file with the new bios settings in some file Directory structure bios\modelltype\settings\modelltypeconfigfile.txt (Just an example)
  • Yes, you have to mention the "-chars (Quotation marks)
  •  "IF" you provider a existing password (cspwd), AND it does not match, it will be overseen and the NEW password written (cspws)
  • The exact syntax and ORDER of the options have to be followed

Make sure you don't mess UP with this tool. On certain newer laptops if you mess UP the BIOS password you "Can't" reset it with a jumper. There are two way (Send device to HP or buy a unlock key from russia for USD50). A cutomer from us has tried and did not understand the tool correct.

 If you don't want plain text passwords in your scripts you may have to use "HPQPswd.exe" which makes a password.BIN file from your entrys with the password encrypted.



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