IE11 GPO Settings, PROXY Explained F5-F8

by butsch 14. October 2015 19:42

Internet Explorer, Group Policy, Gruppenrichtlinien, IE11 GPO Settings, PROXY Explained F5-F8

  1. IE11 has to be installed so you see the IE10 Option
  2. There is not IE11 Option > That's ok > Choose IE10 it will work fir IE11
  3. You are on a SRV 2012 R2 or W8 to see this option or W7 with installed updated
  4. You did try it always fails or you get too MUCH Gpo settings from the GUI Mode.


This is what we talk about and seems to make confusions. People set if with it and at the end did with HKCU keys.

You can configure the options with F5, F6, F7 and F8 keys from the GUI. Only choose the options you want to change.

ALL RED > Will not be touched (Like GPO Settings DEFAULT)

ALL GREEN > Will be touched or changed (Like GPO setting ENABLE/DISABLE) depending on the GUI if you have a checkbox selected or not.

GREEN = Stuff you want to change

RED = LEAVE IT at it is

Some sample settings

If you go back one step on the GPO Console and do an F5 / Refresh

You should only see the option which you marked GREEN with F7 or F8


Lets make a sample (That i don't want touched)

See forgot two things and not clear how to select under security

Back in GPO Console one step, Update F5, Refresh

The above mentioned is RED THUS Gone / Not touched

We recommend to enable a check if you DO Registry KEYS or such Settings with GPO and not deployment.

Make sure you have a WMI Filter to also capture IE11

Check out I11 LINKS:









Client Management | Deployment | Ivanti Frontrange Enteo | Microsoft SCCM/MEM/MDT | Scripting | WMI

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