Sophos UTM 9.314-13 Data Disk is filling up

by butsch 8. October 2015 19:20

We use the Sophos appliance under Vmware ESXi Transparent behind our commercial Firewalls (Just some Wireshark replacment ;-)

The box looks real good and is easy to use. The Interface and GUI are just perfect. I like the Realtime options.

Like most of the times when you search for a solution for a linux Problem there seem to be 40 different

Solutions and Rekommandation. Worst case you update Perl, the Kernels and Download 2'000 files. Nobody knows what it does exept the guy who wrote it but thats the same under Windows sometimes.



Here is how to check the space and enable SSH which is more complicated because you have to enable SSH with a key.


After your cleaned up with this method:


Alert E-Mail you get

Data Disk is filling up - please check. Current usage: 98%


System Uptime : 11 days 20 hours 21 minutes

System Load : 0.06

System Version : Sophos UTM 9.314-13


Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions.


First to do that you have to enable SSH and you have to generate a KEY so you can logon with root

They Made that very nice on the Sophos compared to other appliances ;-)

* Enable SSH

* make a private / Public key with PUTTYGEN.exe

* make the key (Save Public and private)

Mark they Public Key fully and paste it into the SOPHOS appliance (Next Screen)



Then give PUTTY.EXE that key to work with:


Now you are able to Logon with root to the Sophos and search for Big files.

cd /var/storage
du -sh *

There was 1.2 Gigabyte of files under: /var/storage/pgsql92/data after 2 weeks.

Got to the Directory:

cd /var/storage/pgsql92/data/pg_xlog

List with:


Now mark and pick the highest number you see there. You want to truncate until that.

Command for above screenshot

pg_archivecleanup /var/storage/pgsql92/data/pg_xlog 000000010000000300000092


Check in GUI



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