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Windows XP How to install Powershell 2.0 if Powershell 1.0 was installed

Windows XP How to install Powershell 2.0 if Powershell 1.0 was installed Installing WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-DEU.exe if WindowsXP-KB926141-v2-x86-ENU.exe is already installed. Never delete any Directory under C:\Windows\$NtUninstallKB***$ Main problem was that people think they can delete all files under C:\Windows\$NtUninstallKB***$ which are the source files for the Windows Updates. You could save a lot of space with […]

Windows XP Sp3, Event 516, mfehdik, SLL-API, memory Leak, crypt32.dll

Windows XP Sp3, Event 516, mfehdik, SLL-API, memory Leak, crypt32.dll Memory leak in MFEVTPS.EXE Recent Microsoft security updates for Windows XP SP3 and Server 2003R2 introduce a memory leak for the VirusScan Enterprise process MFEVTPS.EXE. The leak is actually from a Windows binary, Crypt32.dll, that MFEVTPS.EXE utilizes. A fix for this issue is available from Microsoft. […]

Adobe Flash 11 / Silent Install and Migration from 10.X

OS: 32BIT Version: Check for Version: %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash11c.ocx 1 Kill Browsers with Batch and tools like PSKILL.EXE from Systernals/MS 2 uninstall_flash_player_32bit.exe -uninstall activex 3 install_flash_player_ax_32bit.exe -install 4 Copy file mms.cfg to %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\Macromed\Flash (See how to make this to disable Auto Update) Windows 32-bit Flash Player for Internet Explorer Flash Player for other browsers   Windows […]

Einsetzen von 2008R2/W7 Policies auf Windows Server 2003R2 DC’s

Microsoft hat neu die Group Policy Extension für Server 2003/R2 gebracht. Resp. Die Konzepte und Technologien des Produktes „PolicyMaker“ vollumfänglich integriert in Windows.    Somit kann man nun folgendes mixen und fast alle Optionen von XP – W7 oder 2003 – 2008R2 via GPO steuern. Domain Controller           2003/R2 Clients                             Windows XP – Windows 7 Member Server               […]

Deinstallieren von Office Validation Plugin KB2501584, KB2570623

Irgendwie hatten wir Probleme mit dem FIXIT, welches wir bei Kunden via Softwqare Deployment verteilt haben. Die Loesung war das Validation Plugin komplett zu entfernen. Ich habe mir erlaubt dieses Script hier zu posten. Danke an den Autor. Wer es pro User fuer Excel reparieren will kann auch MS MicrosoftFixit50741.msi installieren. KB2501584 Ort wo […]

Client Managment Security Links Microsoft Malware Protection Center Blog, Analyse of actual Malware Suddenly no more info since about 3 months? Security Research & Defense, Microsoft Patch Blog. See what MS writes about their own patches and how ciritical they are and why. SANS Internet Storm Center, Daily Updates Secunia, Latest Security Postings […]

Hotfix Updates how to find what you need

I have been involved in several projects where people searched for days and it could have been fixed by just a stupid hotfix. This could have been skipped by weekly reading Microsoft Knowledgebase which takes 4 hours per day or use a KB scanner like There are rumours that large key customers get those […]