Exchange 2010 Public Folder Migration: Replicas stay on 2007 with Load Balancer Setup

by butsch 24. July 2014 22:20


Load Balancer Setup with CAS-Array, Hardware Load Balancer like KEMP. Gateway both CAS are going to KEMP backside. But Static Routes on both CAS to Backup Server, DC's, Acronis Servers, old Exchange.

Split DNS. We mostly see this with customer having Internal: (LAN) and External: (Wan) which is the correct way after July 2015 (No .LOCAL in SAN)


You have a lot of E-Mail on the Exchange 2010 Backfill pointing to the OLD Public Folder 2003/2007 like


In The HUB you see:

Hub version 8 451 4.4.0 Error as last Error

Hub version 14 451 4.4.0 Error as last Error





This after going all steps and also doing:

.\RemoveReplicaFromPfrecursive.ps1 -server yourExchange2010 -TopPublicFolder "\"

-ServerToRemove youroldExchange2007or2003name

.\RemoveReplicaFromPfrecursive.ps1 -server yourExchange2010 -TopPublicFolder

"\Non_IPM_Subtree" -ServerToRemove ouroldExchange2007or2003name


The Info about PF Migration or Replicas could not reach the OLD Exchange 2007 Public Folder. DUE a Routing error of the E-Mail from

The Exchange 2010 Load Balanced CAS to the Exchange 2007.


Public Folder Migration is complex and full of bugy. Not End Dates, Malformed Category, Recurring etc.

Mostly when people remove a Public Folder in complex cluster or Load Balancer environment this seemed one of the issues.

The Backfill Reports could not reach the OLD Exchange 2007. So the Exchange 2007 Public Folder did not get any feedback that

The 2010 Public Folder was in sync. Thus you could not remove the Old PF because it told you there where replicas.


How to enable Diagnostic Logging (Here is how to enable in PS)


Check for the error on the CAS:

Get-messagetrackinglog -Server "exchange2010cas" -eventid FAIL


This was because we had STATIC Routes on the CAS1/2 behind the Load Balancer pointing to the old Exchange 2007


The Default Receive Connector on the old Exchange 2007 was manually changed by the customer.

We added the FORWORD seen SMTP/25 Port of the Load Balancer and it worked. We have also solved this through special routing of Mail Domains.

ON the DEFAULT Recieve Connector (Build IN) (Not the RELAY)




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