Internet Explorer 9 Setup Breaks Active Setup of further MSI Packages

by butsch 9. July 2012 14:32


Active Setup is used in Windows Installer technology to setup certain Registry or file changed to all users of a computer. If you have a shared computer with several different local users this method is used to apply a certain setting to all profiles that exist on the machine.

The Internet Explorer 9 setup uses Active Setup to Switch between two different versions of Internet Explorer. In this example from IE8 and IE9. This can only happen after the Reboot of the Internet Explorer Setup.

If a regular (Domain User) without Admin permissions does Logon after the Reboot the Active setup does not get handheld correct. This si not by design and is an error of the IE9 Setup (Also IEAK Version).

To fix this remove Following Registry Setting after the reboot and installion of Internet Explorer 9. We had this problem also under Germans Windows 64BIT with IEAK 9 Setup.

reg.exe DELETE "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components" /v "NoIE4StubProcessing" /f

 Frontrange/Enteo V7.1 Package (Exported and packed with 7ZIP)

{B090D188-091B-4470-95D4-A422E4991B49}.7z (2.90 kb)


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