Starting march 2023, Microsoft EDGE will be the new Adobe Reader and Acrobat if you Opt IN

by butsch 14. February 2023 16:12


Starting march 2023, Microsoft EDGE will be the new Adobe Reader and Acrobat if you Opt IN


I just found some Information while searching for more Infos about the 02/2023 Windows Updates/Patches. This is interesting because we mostly do AutoUpdates for Defender and EDGE Updates while we analyse and test all other monthly CUMU updates per customer and then approved them in some schema from small to big customers.

This has worked great over the last few months where other companies had problems who just auto approve Updates.

Adobe is the company with the most PDF patents for advanced features in PDF files. All the free solution offer just a part of that or pay licence fees to Adobe, as we understood to date.

Starting in March, Auto Approved EDGE updates will include the Adobe Reader Engine in MS Edge, and it seems that the Adobe Acrobat (Writer) license will also be available via Edge. This eliminates the eternal discussion about the safest way to open PDFs from the web/email (not in Chrome with the Adobe Extension) and whether to use Reader, Acrobat (Writer), or the browser. If It's all the same and takes away the issue.


Acrobat Writer updates were often delayed because they were 170-500MB in size and didn't transfer quickly via Intunes or on-premise deployment to laptops. So one product was sometimes the older.

In addition, there was always the point who to fix with what to open .PDF. Adobe spent a lot of work in in Reader manuals and explanation for Enduser. Most of the times one single user in an enterprise want's it in another way and because he from QA changes the open with procedure via IT for all employee. Often because their Quality solution or add-on did not work with the Edge PDF engine.

Adobe and Microsoft have a new partnership to integrate the Adobe Reader Engine into the MS EDGE browser, as well as Adobe Sign (which is the digital signature) for MS Cloud things mentioned.

Eventually, Adobe Reader will disappear and MS software should then direct the Edge to display PDFs. No one knows what will happen to Chrome.exe. Google and Amazon are heavy against the Azure Cloud and the new licensing model for Microsoft server OS (As we understood it would be more expensive to run MS Server outside of Azure...)



Genau so was will man wohl verhindern:


 Some extracted info which seems interesting for us:

How do I use the advanced Adobe Acrobat PDF features in Microsoft Edge?

Activating the advanced features with the Adobe Acrobat PDF extension in Microsoft Edge requires a paid Adobe Acrobat subscription. To activate the features, in the PDF view in Microsoft Edge, navigate to the top right corner of the window and click the button with messaging to try the advanced features. From there follow the prompts best suiting your needs to complete the transaction. If you already have a paid Adobe Acrobat subscription, you can sign into your existing account to use the advanced features at no additional cost.


Can general users opt out of using Adobe Acrobat PDF capabilities in Microsoft Edge?


General users will be unable to revert to using the legacy PDF engine in Microsoft Edge after the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine launches.



How will this affect commercial organizations?

 When rollout begins in March 2023, there will be no changes to managed Windows devices in organizations unless you choose to opt in. Users on unmanaged Windows devices will see an unobtrusive Adobe brand mark in the bottom corner of their PDF view. These users will also see an option to try the advanced features, such as converting PDFs, combining files, editing text and images. If an organization chooses to opt in, users on managed devices will see the same changes. The built-in Microsoft Edge PDF solution with the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine will have full feature parity with the legacy Microsoft Edge PDF solution. No functionality will be lost.



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